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YOUengine is a revolutionary, decentralized and tokenized platform where users can earn and win coins and prizes. Companies of any size connect with users around the globe to promote their offering based on user preferences and interests.

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  • The application for Android and iOS users has been launched in Moscow!

    The application for Android and iOS users has been launched in Moscow!
    On June 1, the YOU...

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Welcome to the Youniverse.

Four amazing interfaces in one breakthrough mobile app. YOU is a completely new experience to foster interaction between individuals and businesses. Best of all, it benefits both sides.

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Pin it to win it
Imagine a mobile game where you travel between the real world and the virtual world with Augmented Reality.

It is the only AR-powered app in the world where users can win big prizes: from new cars to cash money, You Cash coins to a free cup of coffee. Companies of all sizes can airdrop prizes anywhere on the planet - from the top of a mountain to a parking-lot down the street. Here is the fun part: look around the map and see great prizes in your area. When you find it just pin it to win it. Just save the QR code and use it to redeem your prize in a local store near you or in the online shop. With You go, go find it, pin it and win it!

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Watch and earn
Youwatch is a tokenized video player where you watch ads from companies that you are interested in.

No worries: we always match company offerings with user interests - you will not get bored to see staff you don’t like! And the best part of it: you make money! After each video completion the user gets instant You Cash tokens which can be converted to any fiat currency via the You wallet. Tokens can be exchanged friction free to any currency the user prefers.

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Really social
Introducing a totally new social media platform.

Meet other people in your area based on similar interests. Meet people, create groups, search for new friends and so much more. And here is what really matters: you have the full control over your data and over your account.

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Store and send
YOUwallet is a crypto currency wallet and so much more.

First, it stores the tokens collected for watching ads and is connected to an exchange that allows the user to change tokens to any fiat currency effortlessly. Secondly, it allows the user to transfer the funds or tokens to friends, family or anyone with a valid email address. And finally it can store and trade crypto collectibles that can be captured in the YOUgo game.

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It's your data!

We strongly believe that data only belongs to one person – you. Neither us nor any of the advertisers will have access to your personal data. All personal information will only be saved on your personal device and won’t be stored or collected.