Michael Muenzing


Michael is a multi-award winning, multi-platinum music producer who has been creating hit music since the mid 80’s, his music sold more then 100 million records. He has created several successful companies that include entertainment properties like ‘The Ministry of Sound’ and various enterprises in and out of the music and film industries. An early Bitcoin investor and digital Asset Advisor, Michael spends most of his time in NYC but is a global nomad at heart.

Konstantin Chernov


Entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in media, marketing and investments. Konstantin has started his carrier in the mid 90’s as a member of Polygram International team. Konstantin was the co-founder of several media and hi-tech projects in Russia, Germany and Switzerland. He served as a CEO and marketing executive at a number of companies including the leading Russian media holding - Publishing house “Kommersant” and private equity fund, which specialised on international media and digital projects. Honing his marketing skills and leadership abilities over the years, Konstantin has come to understand the power of digital connectivity and the ability to resonate a message with audiences around the world.

Alexander Gorshenev

Technical Adviser

Alexander is a full stack developer with 10 years of experience, founder of VistaComputers, Laborato and Reflexit. Specializes in automation software, web solutions, ERPs, CRMs. More than 2 years of experience developing blockchain applications and smart contracts for many ICO projects. Leading a team of 53 developers since 2008.

Pavel Rysin


Founder and partner of Sunbay BV company. The Company has been providing global customers with IT services for on-demand software development, maintenance and re-engineering for more than 20 years. They have perfected a seamless process of integration with their custom in-house IT teams to minimize friction and optimize the advantages of 24-hour development and support services. Pavel has implemented over 100 IT projects sized from 3 to 50 developers across sectors ranging from technology to e-commerce and services.

Vasilii Silin

Partnerships and Marketing Adviser

CEO, co-founder at Tokpie exchange. Being highly experienced in cryptocurrency market and projects analysis, Vasilii is responsible for strategic partnerships on YOUengine. Develop leads sourcing partnerships with exchanges, marketing firms, advertisers, and other businesses.

Maksim Gulewitcz


Maksim has over 20 years of intensive experience in the digital design area. He participated in more than 150 projects as designer, UX and Art director. He is an expert in digital product development in the following domains: travel/leisure, social/dating, e-commerce/retail, mobile/startups and blockchain/ICO projects. Being a professional designer and a digital visionary, Maksim is responsible for customer experience and digital design direction of the project.

Alexander Bobryshev


Ismet Khayali

Team Leader

Andrew Ponomarev

Project Manager

Refat Ametov

Technical Lead

Maxim Yeliseyev

Front-end Lead

Alex Lagutin

Mobile Developer

Evgeniy Shirokonosov

Back-End Developer

Gleb Sinani

Back-End Developer

Denis Borodkin

Front-End Developer

Ali Asanov

Front-End Developer

Victoria Zhadko

UI Designer