Why Let Big Data Companies Sell Your Data?

Get Paid To Watch Ads: Monetize Your Own Data.

YOUengine August 27, 2020

YOUengine founder and CEO Michael Muenzing says ”YOUengine is a sea change in an industry that is predicated on unfair, unethical user manipulation and monetization of user data." Muenzing says ”YOUengine is an entirely new advertising model, we call it the YOUniverse and it’s a world where users GET PAID to watch ads and brands can reach the exact target they want to reach, anywhere in the world, in a zero-waste ecosystem."

Never before have consumers been paid so much to watch ads. For the first time in advertising, the user is empowered and gets their FAIR SHARE for the data they supply, the entire ecosystem is built for and powered by YOU. Getting paid for your data is the next big thing.

Stay tuned for more announcements to come later in 2020.

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