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We, at YOU, have a vision to disrupt the chaotic patterns and inefficiency of digital connection in advertising and businesses by building a completely new decentralized, tokenized platform that works effectively and seamlessly to connect over 200 million advertisers and businesses with actual targeted users of above 4 billion paid to watch ads. Thus, there are some basic challenges facing digital advertising today in which YOUengine intends to provide a lasting solution to it.

The future is YOU

YOU is a carefully designed decentralized application that enables an accurate and reliable connection between consumers and advertisers, creating an unparalleled level of security and trust available through open source code and consensus algorithms which performs critical functions in digital advertising.

YOUapp that is available for all mobile devices. It offers a new opportunity to establish YOUengine a new decentralized platform that increases the effectiveness of the digital market and consumers reward. The platform is designed to bridge the gap between those who need to sell advertising and those who consume advertising or related services. YOUCash is designed to flow through the system constantly to ensure market liquidity.

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