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YOUengine Launch Day Coming: Beta Test Completed

YOUengine January 10, 2021

Happy to inform the YOUengine community that despite the COVID situation, our developers have completed the beta test phase of both: and YOUapp modules. So, the YOUengine, a decentralized and tokenized advertising platform, is almost ready for launch!

alt text

What is the module?

The module is the interface for advertisers. It allows a business of any size to sign up, top up its balance with YOUC tokens, and run the geotargeted advertising campaign in a few clicks. We want to share some new screenshots of beta-testing below.

The Advertiser creates an account.

alt text

The Advertiser replenishes his account.

alt text

The Advertiser sets his ad campaign.

alt text

The YOUapp user watches video ads.

alt text

The YOUapp user gets a reward.

alt text

What is the YOUapp module?

After downloading the YOUapp, a user fills up his profile and start earning money. The payments come from advertisers for each ad watched (look at screenshots above). Also, YOUapp users enjoy the YOUgo interface, an AR (Augmented Reality) powered mobile questing game. That sub-module allows roaming in real-time in any designated area to capture great promotional prizes, coupons, and goods. It's much like PokemonGo. Imagine a local bakery can airdrop 'a free pizza' and drive foot traffic to their establishment. The possibilities are endless. Besides, all user's data is crypto-secured with hash algorithms. Why? Because there are no centralized servers to store data. Personal information always stays on smartphones. That's how decentralization works.

When will YOUengine launch?

The YOUengine's modules are now in the starting blocks and ready for publication. However, due to the lockdown imposed worldwide in some cases, large parts of the shops/retailers are closed. As brick and mortar businesses are the primary users of YOUengine's modules, it does not make sense to publish them at the moment. Following consultation with our partners from the wholesale and retail sectors, we will anounce on a relese date for app and plattform. We will shortly be showing videos and screenshots from the current modules on our website Also, we will also announce exciting news about our cooperation with wholesalers, retailers, and payment service providers.

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