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YOUengine Will Launch In 50 Cities In Q4 of 2021.

YOUengine August 4, 2020

The Swiss headquartered new digital advertising platform, YOUengine, will launch in 50 cities in late 2021 after testing in these 5 major cities in Jan 2021: New York City, Paris, Berlin, Moscow and Seoul. YOUengine will not release MVP and will instead release fully functional end-to-end beta versions. There will be YOUapp for users and YOUengine for advertisers right out of the gate. It’s a sea change in an industry that is predicated on unfair, unethical user manipulation and monetization. YOUengine is a paradigm shift that connects brands directly to consumers who have opted-in to receive content and GET PAID FOR watching ads. YOUengine is identifying infrastructure issues and sharpening logistics for the big 50 city launch at the end of 2021.

Stay tuned for more announcements to come later in 2020.