YOUengine Lets Brands Target Audiences More Precisely Than Any Other Platform.

YOUengine August 20, 2020

YOUengine is a paradigm shift that connects brands directly to consumers who have opted-in to get PAID to receive ads and branded content. Brands can now connect in active and relevant ways versus passive display advertising. Impressions are more impactful and engaging. Gone are the days of marketing waste from off-target audiences, out-of-view banners and IVT (invalid traffic) and SIVT (sophisticated invalid traffic). Brands can reach the exact audiences who are no longer anonymous or modeled. They are the EXACT audience brands want to reach from age, income, geo-location, ethnicity and dozens of affinities they have self-identified thus ensuring 100% video completion rates and never-before-seen levels of engagement.

Stay tuned for more announcements to come later in 2020.