No MVP: Running Sprints To Launch Beta in 2021

YOUengine October 9, 2020

Already on version 19 for internal testing, YOUengine will run right past MVP into the final product as funding is complete and versioning has been proceeding at an accelerated pace. YOUengine will not release MVP and will instead release fully functional end-to-end beta versions in a 5 city test in 2021. There will be YOUapp for users and YOUengine for advertisers right out of the gate. It's an entirely new advertising model, called the YOUniverse and it's a world where consumers get paid to watch ads and brands can reach the exact target they want to reach, anywhere in the world, in a zero-waste ecosystem.

Due to the pandemic situation in the world, and the still аsprintexisting and extended lockdowns, many of our customers and shops are affected by the closure. Therefore it would not make sense to publish the application at the given time, as parts of the app cannot be used by most businesses and users at the moment. Stay tuned for updates.