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YOUengine July 9, 2020

Help your clients to find you. Pay only for real-time ad views made by precisely targeted people.

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Show ads only when people search for what you offer

To start earning money, people download the YOUapp and fill out profiles. Your ad appears when targeting conditions and users’ profiles are matching. So only people who are interested in your goods and services will watch your ad.

The ad shown on mobile devices will bring new valuable customers to You.


Define the audience you want to reach. alt text

Geo Targeting

Set location. alt text

Get the results you need

Boost Website traffic

Video ads leading to your website will help to increase the number of online sales, bookings, or subscriptions.

Uplift the number of visitors

Geo-targeted Ad placement on YOUgo (augment reality game) will help potential clients to find your company on the map. It will bring more customers to your store or office.

Increase Brand Awareness

Video ads are easily understood by viewers than other types of digital content, your audience is more likely to get engaged and take the right action leading to an increase in brand visibility.

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Set a suitable budget

Companies with different budgets can use YOUengine. Set any reward amount per watcher, ad’s schedule, max spending per day, or total budget to control your expenses. You can change or stop the ad placement at any moment.

Get the right audience with YOUengine

Video ads are easy to place and reach the right audience within a given budget. We will also help you optimize the ads so that you get exactly the results you need.

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