$1 Billion Market Cap. Etherscan updated!

YOUengine May 14, 2020

Thanks to our partnering with Tokpie, the YOUC token page on Etherscan shows the price traction and market cap now. Yes, one billion in US dollars equivalent!

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Etherscan update

For those who don’t know, Etherscan is the number one tracking tool for tokens built on Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, Etherscan also tracks YOUcash (YOUC) token. This is the page of YOUC token on Etherscan.

For better understanding, we highlighted some Etherscan’s metrics on the screenshot below.

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1. Price

The price is the current weighted average price of YOUcash token derived from all exchanges. Etherscan shows it in US dollars and ETH equivalent.

2. Total supply

The Total Supply is the total number of YOUC tokens existing. While the token price can fluctuate, the total supply of YOUC is always the same. It’s always 11,000,000,000 tokens.

This is the most important part! In contrast to fiat currencies, nobody can issue more YOUcash tokens! Just look at USD supply for the last 60 years. As a result, the purchasing power of fiat money is going down.

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Obviously, we should keep away from central banks printing money from thin air. Fortunately, YOUengine users are safe when getting payments in YOUC because the supply of the tokens is limited. Hope it’s clear now-)

3. Fully Diluted Market Cap

The Fully Diluted Market Cap or just Market cap is the market capitalization. It calculates as $ Price x Total token supply. So, for example, if a YOUC token price is $0.1 then the market cap is 1.1 billion in US dollar equivalent ($0.1 x 11,000,000,000 tokens).

4. Contract

The contract is the smart contract address for YOUC tokens: 0x3d371413dd5489f3a04c07c0c2ce369c20986ce. Simply saying it’s like a unique ID of a token inside Ethereum blockchain. Knowing that address you will avoid any cheaters who will be imitating YOUengine cryptocurrency.

How to send YOUC on MetaMask

Considering all the above, let’s send USD 10.00 in YOUC tokens via MetaMask. MetaMask is one of the most popular Ethereum Wallets.

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This app can be installed in your browser or android smartphone easily.

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As you can watch in this 40-sec video, we need just 100 YOUC, each worth of $0.1, to sent ~10 USD value.

Know more about YOUengine and its YOUC tokens: youengine.com